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Do you suffer from PAIN that just doesn’t go away?

Does your PAIN seem to get better and then it gets worse?

Are you looking for a NON-DRUG, NON-SURGICAL, PAINLESS treatment?


Our Process

Our laser therapy services begin with an examination by one of our trusted and experienced doctors. This is to provide a diagnosis so that we can understand your condition and determine whether you are a candidate for treatments.

You will receive a consultation with one of our doctors to explain your diagnosis, the course of recommended therapy, and how cold laser therapy treatments can heal your pain. 

Low-Level Light Therapy

Reno Laser Therapy uses LLT (Low-Level Light Therapy), more commonly referred to as cold laser therapy, because it does not produce any heat and has been proven safe and effective by the FDA. The purpose of laser therapy is it’s unique ability to heal pain-causing conditions that are not healing on their own. 

While there are other techniques to help improve function and mobility, there are many that prefer the use of cold laser therapy to reduce pain. It is a safe, non-invasive treatment that works to alleviate many painful conditions.

Effectiveness of Laser Therapy

It is not unusual for some patients to not feel some relief after the first treatment. Most patients require 6-12 treatments to properly address their underlying painful conditions.

The Basics of Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy works like this:

• Healing laser pulses of low-level light are emitted from the laser and find the damaged or injured tissue.
• The damaged tissue then absorbs the laser light.
• The light then triggers a physiological reaction and promotes healing.

Laser Therapy Can Treat:

• Arthritis

• Back Pain

• Neck Pain

• Bursitis

• Carpal Tunnel

• Fibromyalgia

• Heel Spurs

• Plantar Fasciitis

• Knee Pain

• Migraine Headaches

• Muscle Pain

• Spasms

• Nerve Pain

• Radiculopathy

• Sciatica

• Shoulder Pain

• Rotator Cuff Injuries

• Sprains

• Strains

• Tennis Elbow

• Whiplash Injuries


Types of Lasers We Use

Multi Radiance Laser

Multi Radiance Laser

The Multi Radiance Laser transmits low-level light energy to the damaged tissue to help minimize pain and increase blood flow and circulation. Multi Radiance Medical produces a variety of multi radiance Laser frequencies, and when used together produce what they like to call “the cascading effect.” This allows deeper penetration of skin cells and the ability to absorb more light!
ML830 Laser

ML830 Laser

MicroLight was one of the first companies to get FDA clearance to market and sell low-level light therapy lasers

Customer Testimonials

  • Neck Pain

    I injured my neck 15 years ago in a car crash. It healed up pretty well although from time to time I had some painful episodes which lasted a couple of weeks. About 12 months ago another painful episode started but this time the pain stayed instead of clearing up in a couple of weeks. After 3 months of pretty solid pain, I started Laser therapy. I actually felt some relief after the very first treatment. After 3 weeks almost all of the pain was gone. It took another month to get back to normal and I did some extra treatments to help heal the original injury from 15 years ago to stop the occasional episodes.

    Disc Pain/Leg Pain

    I lifted my bicycle to put it into and I twisted funny. I had a sharp pain in my back and severe pain down my right leg. It was diagnosed as an injured disc and my leg pain was sciatica. One doctor told me I may need disc surgery to get the pressure off my nerve. The Laser Therapy took a while to work but I was patient and gave it time. After 3 months I healed and felt fine.

    Shoulder Pain

    I am a golder and felt something in my shoulder “give” when I was teeing off. I golfed a couple more holes until the pain got too bad. I put some ice on it, took ibuprofen and rested for 3 weeks but it stayed really sore. I couldn’t lift my arm very much and could barely comb my hair. My Laser exam diagnosis was that I had a small tear in my shoulder muscle. The Laser therapy helped me to be able to raise my arm above my head after 2 weeks. My shoulder healed back to normal after 3 more weeks and I am golfing again without further injury.
  • Frozen Shoulder

    I had a frozen shoulder due to so much pain and stiffness. I am a security guard and I was worried that my shoulder would interfere with my job. When I came to see the doctor my arm basically just hung to the side and was useless. I couldn’t undress myself well and couldn’t even get my shirt and coat on without a great deal of pain. After my very first laser treatment I was able to move my shoulder around 20% better. After the second treatment I was able to actually lift my arm and get my coat on!

    Migraine Headaches

    Since age 18 I would get at least one bad migraine headache every week and sometimes I would need to miss work. Laser therapy has not eliminated my migraines but now I only get one migraine per month and usually I can manage it without missing work. What a blessing!

    Sprained Ankle Pain

    I was training for my marathon and twisted my ankle. It swelled and I could barely put any weight on it. The painless cold laser treatment was effective to reduce almost all of the swelling by the next day and I could put almost the normal amount of weight on my ankle. In a few days I had healed enough to be able to run my marathon!
  • Shingles

    I had a case of shingles which ran down my left arm. After I recovered the nerve in my arm stayed so sore that even the weight of my blouse was to painful to handle. The prescriptions I was prescribed didn’t even touch the pain and I couldn’t get an appointment with the nerve specialist for 3 months! After one month of Laser treatments all the pain was gone and it has not returned.

    Knee Pain

    I tripped and twisted my knee. It swelled up making it difficult to walk. After the swelling went away I still had pain in my knee continuing to make it difficult to walk long enough to grocery shop. After 3 months it just wasn’t healing. I started Laser treatments and began to and began to feel some relief after the third visit. It was hard to rest my knee but after 7 weeks my knee was back to normal.

    Extreme Knee Pain

    I have deteriorated knees, bone on bone, and I am scheduled to have them replaced. The knees are so painful and swollen that I can barely bend them and walking is very difficult. I had a long vacation scheduled which would require me to do quite a bit of walking. I received 6 painless laser treatments prior to going on my trip. After the 6th laser treatment my swelling and pain was greatly reduced. I was able to bend my knees with very little discomfort and walk much easier. I went on my trip and my trip and my knees were good for the first 11 days!
  • Tennis Elbow/Tendinitis

    I had an extremely painful, tender elbow for 6 months. I couldn’t even lift my coffee cup without significant pain. Prescriptions and elbow braces did not help it and I did not want to get cortisone shots. The Laser treatments were totally painless and I felt a bit better after each treatment until I was back to normal in 6 weeks.

    Nerve Damage

    I fell down very hard on my left shoulder and neck. After that I was unable to move my left arm. A neurologist diagnosed nerve damage and that my nerve wouldn’t work anymore and was now dead. I went for laser therapy and the doctor suggested we try the laser in case the nerve was not completely dead since the laser can stimulate healing. After one month of laser treatments I started to be able to use my arm a little bit again. I was referred back to the neurologist to have my nerve retested and the test showed that the nerve was not dead and was starting to work again. Since then I have been slowly healing and bale to do more!

    Skin Damage

    I am a Medical Doctor taking very strong medication for arthritis which has the side effect of causing my skin to be paper thin. I am constantly bruised and I bruise quite easily from a simple bump. I came in for laser treatment for my back pain and the doctor recommended I consider the use of laser for my skin condition as well. That particular day one of my arm bruises started to bleed and wasn’t clotting well. He did a laser treatment and by the next day the skin was starting to heal. A few more treatments on all of my bruises helped them heal and stopped them from bleeding when I bumped them. The laser also helped decrease my arthritic low back pain as well!
  • Plantar Fasciitis

    I had a very miserable pain on the bottom of my feet following a foot surgery which my podiatrist said was an unfortunate side effect. Nothing seemed to help. After a few treatments of the laser it was the first time I had any relief from anything!

    Car Accident Soft Tissue Injury

    I was in a car accident and was diagnosed with a torn ligament in my neck. After I healed my pain did not go away very much. It interfered with my sleep and I was sore every morning. Ibuprofen and extra strength Tylenol helped temporarily as long as I took them every day. After laser treatments I am able to stop the pills and most of the pain is gone. Plus I sleep better too!


    I have suffered with pain and headaches for many years. I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and was told it was incurable but there are treatments to control the pain. I tried many approaches and found laser therapy to be the most effective in controlling the pain. The treatments are 100% painless and I never had any side effects. After 6 weeks of care I reached a satisfying plateau and with occasional follow up I stay in control.

Our Laser Therapy Doctors

Dr. Lawerence Davis

Dr. Lawrence Davis, D.C.

Dr. Davis has been in active practice since 1977. Practicing primarily in the treatment of orthopedic and spinal trauma patients as well as extremity care for ankles, knees, units, elbows, and shoulders. Laser care has been part of his practice for over 15 years.

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