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Cold Laser Therapy in Reno, NV

Pain and inflammation caused by localized joint and soft tissue damage can wear heavily on your overall health and wellness. Cold laser therapy has been used in clinical practices since the 1960s when it was first introduced by laser physician Dr. Andre Mester. For over 50 years, cold laser therapy, also called low-light laser therapy, has been used to relieve pain and discomfort caused by several conditions. This unique alternative to traditional pain-relieving techniques such as medication has provided patients with a painless, non-invasive solution that alleviates pain long-term.

If you or someone you know suffers from constant pain and inflammation in your joints or bones, then consider cold laser therapy to get you back to feeling your best. Connect with our office today, or read below to learn more about cold laser therapy in Reno, Nevada.

What is Cold Laser Therapy?

To better understand what cold laser therapy is, it’s important to first know what a laser is. LASER is actually an acronym that stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. This treatment option uses frequencies to interact with the atoms found in your body. Cold laser therapy is a type of low-intensity laser therapy that uses low amounts of light to stimulate healing and regeneration in the body. Specifically, cold laser therapy is used on joints and soft tissue in the body that are inflamed or have been damaged. To do this, a small hand-held tool that projects light is used to target the affected tissue just below the surface of your skin to restore its natural function. Learn more about how it works below.

What is Cold Laser Therapy?

During your cold laser therapy treatment, a licensed physician will emit energy through a hand-held device that is pressed to the skin. The device will pulse against your skin while the light turns on and off. While the light is on, its rays will penetrate the skin to reach the tissue that is attached to the affected joint or bone. This tissue, which contains photo-activated molecules, absorbs the light energy given off by the laser to perform reparative cellular functions. The combination of lights causes a physiological reaction that helps regenerate cells to their original state. This procedure can be used with other chiropractic treatments to reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain in the bones and joints.

Laser Therapy Can Treat:

Back Pain
Carpal Tunnel
Heel Spurs
Knee Pain
Migraine Headaches
Muscle Pain
Neck Pain
Nerve Pain
Osteoarthritic Conditions
Plantar Fasciitis
Rotator Cuff Injuries
Shoulder Pain
Skin Rejuvenation
Tennis Elbow
Whiplash Injuries
multiradiance laser therapy

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Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy

Pain and inflammation can make daily tasks seem impossible, and traditional treatment methods such as pain medication aren’t for everyone. There are several benefits of cold laser therapy to treat painful joint and tissue damage including:
Long-lasting effects
No medications necessary
Non-invasive procedure
Some experience rapid results
No serious side-effects
Fast recovery time

How Effective is Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold laser therapy has been approved by the FDA as a safe and effective alternative method of pain relief for a variety of conditions. Several studies have shown that low-light laser therapy promotes “analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects provided by photobiomodulation in both experimental and clinical trials.” This shows that cold laser therapy has been successful across multiple trials to be a proven and effective method of chronic pain relief.

The effects of laser therapy are often long-lasting, though many patients do not experience immediate relief. Typically, noticeable relief can be felt after 6-12 treatments and some patients require 2-4 treatments per week.

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